Acoustic Panels are produced from light weight sound absorbed insulation made of long and resilient fibre wool, bonded with a thermal setting resin. This product will also improve thermal performance on top of excellent sound absorption properties. Manufactured by the advanced and unique rotary frame attenuation process, it accomplishes both high economical performance with easy installation in either wood or aluminum frame.


  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Strong and durable
  • Fire retardant
  • Easy replacement
  • Termites resistant


Acoustic panel are designed with its own surface particularly for easy installation to fit into either wood or aluminium channels in the wall and ceiling application system, it resists vibration or shake down and forms readily around uneven surfaces. Test have shown improved STC Rating when sound control panels are installed under the slight compression.


Supply and Install Sutra Fabric Acoustic Panel infill with rockwool OR fiberglass c/w necessary wood frame as per original specification and specialists’ instruction.